Survival food brand adds streaming to their media mix for a 5x ROAS

February 16, 2020



Reduction in overall website CPV.


Online CPA




Retail arrivals after ad exposure.

Customers that engaged with CPG Digital streaming commercials were:


More likely to add products to their cart.


More likely to purchase online.

Looking to reach in-market users and drive conversions. This leading survival and prepared foods e-commerce brand turned to CPG Digital with the goal of exposing new customers to their brand and driving prospective customers to their website. CPG Digital was the ideal solution thanks to its ability to pinpoint “in-market” consumers using UPC level credit card purchase history data.

The CPG Digital Solution

CPG Digital started by leveraging UPC level purchase history data from visa/mc to build “in-market” audiences based on our clients’ top 25 direct competitors and other market basket purchases. 

The campaign then took advantage of CPG Digital’s “Surround Sound” campaign tactics which served streaming radio and display ads to users who had seen the Connected TV ad. This ensured the brand’s message was kept top-of-mind, consistent, and drove action across multiple channels and devices.

The Results

Adding CPG Digital’s “Surround Sound” campaign to their current media mix had stellar results! Overall website cost per visit was reduced by 32%. Customers that engaged with CPG Digital’s streaming ads where also 36% more likely to add a product to cart and 109% more likely to purchase a product. Over 50,000 customers were exposed to streaming ads and then shopped at retail locations where our client's products are sold. Overall the campaign produced a 5.13x ROAS.

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