National bottled water company drives 42% lift in sales conquesting competitors customers.

March 9, 2019



Increase in YOY sales.




CPA for "in-market" retail arrival after ad exposure.


Omnichannel CPA

Measuring the success of a CPG brand can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Now with CPG Digital’s access to real-time UPC Scan data delivering and measuring retail level success just got a lot easier.

The CPG Digital Solution

To reduce ad waste and provide the most effective campaign we leveraged our UPC level purchase data to build an audience of households that meet the following criteria:

  • Shoppers who live in the requested DMA and are known shoppers at specified retailers.
  • Shoppers who purchased one of the top 25 direct competitors UPC’s in the last 90 days.

Using our clients’ previously produced broadcast TV commercials, we designed a campaign using a combination of a high impact streaming TV, radio, and display re-targeting placements to create a surround-sound effect to their “in-market” conquest audience.

This surrounds sound campaign was delivered over a 6-month campaign in two DMA’s designed to conquest direct competitors as well as defend and nurture the existing customer base.

The Results

Combining high impact TV commercials targeted at their competitors’ customers proved to be a stellar combination!

Our client’s distribution centers reported a 42% year over year lift in sales within the two target DMA’s that we focused on. No other major marketing efforts took place in these DMA’s during the comparison period.

For every $0.49 invested we reached a customer who not only shops at the specific retailers where our clients’ water was sold but had purchased a direct competitor in the last 60 days. By efficiently reaching this highly focused and relevant audience we produced an Omnichannel CPA of $1.65 resulting in a 29x ROAS based on the first-year value of a customer.

Planning ahead

With campaign validation proven our client is now poised to expand nationally and 3x their budget.

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