Go beyond TV and scale across the entire streaming ecosystem. If it's streaming, we have access - including Hulu, YoutubeTV, Roku, SlingTV, and 100+ more.

If it’s streaming,
we have access.

We have established relationships with every premium Connected TV and Streaming Radio content provider across all the major networks, devices, and apps.

Here’s what you should know about Connected TV Ads.

They are high resolution.

We deliver the ads in the same high-resolution format viewers expect to see on their living room TVs.

15, 30, and 60 second options.

No need for special treatment. We use the same standard lengths you’re used to.

Consumers can’t skip your ads.

Viewability is a non-issue with CTV with an average of 98% completion rate.

Audiences are highly targeted.

Specific audiences are custom focused by location and recent online/offline behaviors.

Premium placements are possible.

We can insert your brand into some of the most-watched events on TV.

Go Beyond TV

By combing CTV with premium streaming radio and display ads, we create a surround sound effect keeping your brand at the top of mind and driving customer action.

CPG Surround Sound Effect
“Having the ability to target a specific list of our competitors UPC’s is huge and has proven to be much more effective than off the shelf audiences.”
-- CMO, Consumer Packaged Goods Company
User Story

Paul and team have been great partners in building dynamic, audience-first campaigns that reach shoppers in each stage of their consideration journey. Their focus on connecting digital behavior to offline purchases has enabled us to launch, iterate, and scale quickly, with confidence that we are reaching the right people and driving real results.

John Petsagourakis
Director, Growth - Banza
User Story

CPG Digital has provided OLIPOP with effective methods of targeting our retail consumers and measuring the effect of our ad dollars. They are knowledgeable, strategic, and data-driven partners that brought us into the CTV space and have delivered impactful results.

For an omnichannel business that constantly struggles with attribution metrics, Paul and his team have really helped us understand our customer's behaviors both online and in retail.

Steven Vigilante
New Business Development, OLIPOP
User Story

It’s been a pleasure partnering with CPG Digital on our first-ever CTV campaign! They have helped guide us every step of the way.

With a limited budget to start, it was a huge priority for us to be as strategic as possible. CPG Digital developed a consumer-centric approach, designed to target the most qualified users across all platforms. They also incorporated all of our retailer data – this helped break down sales channel silos and get incredibly granular with audience targeting. We’ve seen outstanding early performance and even scaled budget after only a couple of months live. This is now a media channel that we’ll continue to invest heavily in.

Paul and the entire CPG Digital team have been fantastic to work with! They always take the time to share our results and help strategize ways to optimize performance.

Hannah O'Neill
Director - Digital Marketing, Pacifica Beauty

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Learn how to define prospects based on their purchase histories.


Learn how to define prospects based on their purchase histories.

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Measure the customer actions that matter most online and in retail.


Measure the customer actions that matter most online and in retail.

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Learn how we focus and build audiences to reach your exact customer base, including your competitors’ customers.

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