High-impact and unskippable connected TV and Streaming Audio ad placements.

Reach the ever-growing number of cord-cutters who are moving away from Pay-TV and switching to streaming media for news and entertainment.

CPG Digital Measure Dashboard

The branding power of TV with the analytics of digital.

Business Intelligence + Managed Service.

For too long, advertisers had to choose between branding or direct response, but you don't have to anymore. Now you can have the best of both worlds. At CPG Digital, we give you granular targeting with UPC level purchase histories, along with high impact ad placements at scale. Our business intelligence dashboard gives you the power to measure real customer behaviors, both online and in retail.


Define your ideal prospects based on their purchase histories. With UPC and store-level purchase data, you can even target your competitor's customers.

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CPG Campaign Focus


Go beyond TV and scale across the entire streaming ecosystem. If it's streaming, we have access - including Hulu, YoutubeTV, Roku, SlingTV, and 100+ more.

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CPG Campaign Reach


Measure what matters most online and in retail with our business intelligence dashboard. Track real customer behaviors, including web visits, online conversions, and retail arrivals.

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CPG Campaign Focus

Learn how to sharpen your focus, reach those most interested, and measure what matters.

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